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The Paula Deen Down Home entertainment console is a case in point. You can build this 126W x 84H inches unit from four pieces: a console, a TV hutch and two side display units. You could add to this over time to extend it over the whole of one wall if you wanted to. The same is true of large numbers of entertainment units: start with one piece of TV furniture, then slowly add to it until you have a complete entertainment center you can be proud of. If we look at individual pieces of TV furniture first, we can then see how that might be expanded in a more general form of entertainment furniture or leisure unit, so as to make the best use of the wall space you have available. Very few homes have no wall space free, and if even if not there is usually some form of existing wall furniture that can be replaced to incorporate television furniture. More intricate are TV consoles in the form of chests. There is a wide variety of these, fitted with cupboards and drawers, or a combination of glass doors and open shelving to accommodate not only the TV equipment and boxes, but also hi-fi equipment. These are still individual pieces of TV furniture that can be situated anywhere in the room - either against a wall or in an island situation, a common position being a bay window or alcove. I will discuss the ins and outs of building walls of various materials retaining the landscape. In many parts of a building permit is required for retaining walls so check with your local building department before beginning work. My township as walls over 48 "in height require a permit, but best to check in all cases. As you go up each course of your links, you'll save complete each course, stuffing lightly stone to prevent excessive regulation and eliminate air pockets in the soil behind the wall caused by the excavation. Do not be tempted to throw large stones behind the wall to do the job go faster backfilling. Frost action will push the boulders and could cause your wall fail. 3/4 "gravel drains quickly, keep the water can freeze / unfreeze the back of your wall and pebble has less area to push the gel. If your work in a normally wet area you may want to install a drain pipe PVC perforated behind the first link to take the end (s) in the light of day. If you use a drain pipe, cover the pipe with a filter fabric to prevent silt wash into the pipe and plug. simply place a small amount of stone on the pipe, place the fabric on the stone and continue with your links and backfilling with gravel, as described above. Traditional TV furniture involves a simple stand or console that holds the TV on top, and with room for some boxes and DVDs on the storage shelves below. The shelves can be behind glass doors to keep out dust or remain open. Usually, such consoles are available in a range of widths according to the width of your TV set. If you are looking for entertainment units you will find a wide choice of TV furniture on the Woodstock Furniture Outlet website. You will also find a wide variety of Atlanta home furniture of all kinds at excellent prices. Then, space permitting, there would be display shelves for curios or ornaments and perhaps even bookshelves. Now you can possibly see where a TV stand can be incorporated into your wall space, even if you have existing wall furniture in place. You could combine that or change it. Most people would purchase from new, and if you choose the right range of furniture you can do that in stages. It might take time, but it will be worth it in the end. Of course, if you have the money you can do that all at once, and because you are building it up yourself you can have exactly what your particular room needs. Some people even put the hutch on a rotating bezel, so it rotates 180 degrees, with the flat screen one side and a display unit the other. You can have one side showing or the other depending on whether you are watching TV or not. But then you need room behind for the rotation! Wheelbarrow, sledge hammer, tape measure, pencil, chalk line, level, 60 points penny 3/4 "electric drill, wood drill bits, extensions, 7 1/4" electric saw, carbide blades not cheap, sharp and shovels square. You'll also need proper equipment to save additional loose fill your wall as you go. 3/4 "gravel works best. Several pieces of 2" or # 4 or # 5 rebar cut 24 "long. Pin bars, pickaxes, hammers electric demo can all be great additions to make the job easier.

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